Residential Buildings

hotels and commercial properties

Do you need to reach residents, guests, customers or employees in a professional, accurate and up-to-date manner? Mailing costs are expensive, handouts are unreliable and unprofessional. Wouldn’t you like to have the latest in HD video technology working for you?

The Electronic Message Board system consists of large monitors displaying announcements from management, installed in residential or commercial buildings. The monitors replace outdated bulletin board and are installed where tenants congregate (near the elevator on the first floor). Attractive design, color and special effects like scrolling text, attract the attention of residents and ensure announcements from building management won’t go unnoticed. The display can also feature entertaining information that makes the time waiting for an elevator seems to go faster and fosters friendlier relations between tenants and management. Management of residential or commercial complexes can also add/correct the information announcements in real time.


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