Digital Bulletin Board : FAQ

What is a Digital Video Announcer (Electronic Message Board)?

Do you need to reach residents, guests, customers or employees in a professional, accurate and up-to-date manner? Mailing costs are expensive, handouts are unreliable and unprofessional. Wouldn’t you like to have the latest in HD video technology working for you? With an NCM Video Announcer, your strategically placed LCD display instantly delivers all your important communications. Your message will get the attention it deserves – with one click of your mouse – controlled by you – from anywhere. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. NCM Video Announcer solution is a combination of hardware player and easy to use Content Management System The Electronic Message Board system consists of large monitors displaying announcements from management, installed in residential or commercial buildings. The monitors replace outdated bulletin board and are installed where tenants congregate (near the elevator on the first floor). Attractive design, color and special effects like scrolling text, attract the attention of residents and ensure announcements from building management won’t go unnoticed. The display can also feature entertaining information that makes the time waiting for an elevator seem to go faster and fosters friendlier relations between tenants and management. Management of residential or commercial complexes can also add/correct the information announcements in real time.

Why do I need Electronic Message Board?
  • No more having to post or distribute paper announcements. Attractive design attracts attention, and your announcement will be noticed.
  • Ability to change announcements/ads in real time. Remind your tenants about EAP (Emergency Action Plan) and what to do in case of emergency on a weekly basis.
  • Lead your tenants with tips on going green (recycle, save energy, water, etc). All that’s required is a computer with access to Internet access.
  • You don’t even have to travel to where you’d like to post or change your announcement.
  • Ability to create different content for different monitors.
  • Availability of latest information technology makes your apartment complex more attractive for current and potential tenants
  • Finally entertain tenants while they’re waiting for the elevator.

Available Sizes

We offer ultra-slim wall-mount aluminum enclosure for screen sizes up to 42 inches or standard plastic enclosure up to 55 inches. Any screen can be equipped with touch panel. All units come with powerfull built-in microcomputer (dual-core processor, NVidia graphics) capable of running HD video.

How to choose the right screen size

Bigger is not always better when it comes to bulletin board screens. If you need touch screen option for your interactive content recommended screen size would be in 24-37″ range for smaller areas, 32-42″ for larger areas

Here are some suggestions:

up to 27″ screen: viewing distance up to 6ft, intended for 1-4 viewers
32″ / 37″ screen: distance up to 10ft, 1-6 viewers
42″ / 46″ / 47″ screen: distance up to 14ft, 1-10 viewers
47+ / 52″ / 55+”: 14+ ft, 10+ viewers

I already have a TV. Can use it?
Does This Sound Like You?

As a property manager you’re managing five (or more) buildings, and you need to:

Notify tenants in building A that there will be a water shutoff next week on Monday.
Notify tenants in building B that the exterminator schedule changed.
Get feedback from tenants in building C on “When was the last time exterminator serviced their apartment.”
Notify tenants in building A, C, D that new, renovated apartments are available in their building.
Wish a happy holiday to tenants in buildings A, B, C and D.

With NCM Video Announcer, you can do all of the above without a hassle: No need to contact local staff at buildings, no need to make phone calls or print and distribute any papers. Using innovative technology, you can do all that and much more.

How does Electronic Message Board work?

We install secure video monitors (compatible with wi-fi/wired/CDMA connections) in high-traffic locations (entry ways, lobbies, elevators, etc). From the comfort and convenience of your desktop, enter your message into pre-programmed templates or design your own. Instantly, your important message is displayed to everyone.

You are in Control:

You decide the message.
You decide which monitors show your message.
You decide when the message will appear.

Here’s what you get:

  • Displays (your choice of size).
  • Secure web access to change and update.
  • 24 hour tech support
  • International language support out of the box with spell check
  • Peace of mind that your important and timely information is delivered where and when you need

How do I control Digital Video Announcer?

Each screen is controlled remotely via a centralized web interface. Clients are provided with secure access through a web portal in which they can independently change the announcements on any of their monitors in real time. The web portal is accessible from any location via the Internet. The central server also continuously monitors the serviceability and condition of displays. In the event of a failure it automatically sends NewCityMedia IT personnel to fix the problem.

May I see a Digital Video Announcer demo?

We do have demonstration screens. We’re happy to send our representative with a demonstration kit which is an actual working digital signage display. The demo set is fully mobile and does not require any installation, so we can show you a working system without technical snags or straining on your part at any time convenient for you. Call as at 800-639-0044 to set up an appointment.

Sponsored version of Electronic Message Board: what is it?

In the standard free version of the system the support is provided by the sponsors. In this case part of the display advertises information from sponsors. The ads could be from small, local as well as large companies. The quality of advertising is pre-assessed by our staff. This would insulate tenants from low quality and intrusive advertising. Ads are selected based on your geographical location and relevance to the potential customer population. For example, residents who enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning might be interested to learn about new kinds of coffee in the coffee shop across the street. Some families might be interested in specials at high end restaurants in the neighborhood. An example of a big business ad could be a car advertisement (depending on the lifestyle and social status of your residents). Overall, carefully selected quality advertizing targeted at the appropriate population.

Installation and Connection

NewCityMedia team performs all work on the installation of any of our products. Unlike many companies offering digital signage services, we will fully cover all stages of development and installation of the system. We pay special attention to integration of our screens in the existing design of the building. At the customer’s request we are ready to develop a unique design and mounting solution that fully meets the aesthetic requirements. If necessary, the case is equipped with a very strong protective glass.
All that is necessary to connect our systems is a standard 110V outlet. Our systems support all kind of connectivity (wired, wireless, cellular modem), this allows you to install our digital video announcer virtually anywhere, regardless of the availability of wired or wireless data network.

Hardware Specification - 23 wall unit

IPS LCD screen with 178° viewing angle
Physical Dimensions: 26″ x 13″ x 2″
Polycarbonate front panel – virtualy unbreakable
Anodized or painted aluminum frame
1.8GHz Intel Dual-Core processor
On board 4Gb, DDR3 1600MHz
SATA-III Solid State Hard Drive
nVIDIA ION graphic accelerator
Wireless 802.11 b/g/n + Ethernet
Optional broadband cellular adapter
Optional proximity reader card
Optional internal digital camera
Combined power consumption: 70 Watt (PC:35W + LCD:35W)
On-schedule Standby mode – to save power when not needed (for example at night)
Internal speaker

32 / 37 / 42 / 47 / 55

Starting from 32″ screen size we use NEC displays or ELO TOUCH displays paired with our controller (same hardware specification as 23″ unit).

3.0GHz Intel Core i5 CPU
On board 4Gb, DDR3 1600MHz
SATA-III Solid State Hard Drive
nVIDIA graphic accelerator or Intel HD4000
Wireless 802.11 b/g/n + Ethernet
Optional broadband cellular adapter
Optional proximity reader card
Optional internal digital camera
On-schedule Standby mode – to save power when not needed (for example at night)
Internal speaker

Our controller can also be attached to your existing displays or TVs. It is very compact 7″x7″x1″.


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