Start up cost

Understanding implementation cost

You can use any display suitable for your application. You can buy a display of your choice from your prefered supplier. We highly recommend NEC displays for non-interactive applications and ELO touch monitors for applications where touch-functionality required. Of course as Elo Value-Added Reseller and NEC Display Partner we can provide best available pricing for NEC and ELO products.Typically display cost depends on multiple factors (size, quality, brand) and varies from $500 to $3000+.

Video Announcer hardware
The Video Announcer hardware is a micro-computer that runs Video Announcer software. Typically you would have to purchase it from us. We offer wide range of hardware – from budget systems to a a robust multi-port computers.Just to give you an idea, hardware cost could be as low as $300 and up to $2000 depending on customer requirements.

Software / Customization
We do not believe that one size fits all. All of our customers receive proper level of software customization to cover all of their digital signage needs. We believe that the digital signs must be easy to use and we can achieve this by customizing our software and tailor it to your needs.To provide accurate quote we need to learn about your application.

This part of the implementation cost could only be calculated during on site visit. We strongly encourage our customers to involve their maintenance department or hire local contractor to comply with local building/electrical code.The Video Announcer requires 110V, data connection (wired or wireless), secure wall mount.
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