Interactive electronic boards for any application

  • Residential Buildings:
    to display various announcements to the tenants
  • Corporate sector:
    great replacement for outdated old style paper announcements
  • Office lobbies:
    directory listings, welcome messages, directions
  • Cafe and Restaurants:
    to display restaurant menu at the window
  • Manufacturing facilities:
    safety warnings and frequently changing messages
  • Public places:
    schedules, directions, great way to draw visitors attention
  • Customer interaction:
    Touch-screen feedback collection systems
  • Retail:
    space-efficient and attractive advertising of the product and sales events
  • Education sector:
    Schools, libraries, colleges, universities
  • Mobile:
    our real-time cellular systems can be mounted in a vehicle


Our electronic boards are used almost everywhere: schools, hospitals, offices, residental buildings and more. Our boards are very flexible in functionality and provide many features.

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